Athletes of the Quarter – Bryam & Dana

Athlete of the Quarter – Bryam Garcia   When did you start CrossFit? I started CrossFit in October of last year I believe. What motivated you to start? I used to work second shift and would work out mid morning with lots of energy and then go to work. I changed shifts and kept going after […]

Athletes of the Quarter – Alex & Lex

Alex Fletcher When did you start CrossFit? January 2016 What motivated you to start? I had been doing a boot camp style class and when I moved over here I decided to try CrossFit and found CFTB Favorite WOD (if any): Karen Favorite Olympic lift (if any): Clean and Jerk Goal(s) for the next few […]

Athlete of the Quarter – Darrell Boone

Athlete of the Quarter – Darrell Boone When did you start CrossFit? I started twice a week sessions in July 2016 and switched to 4-6 times a week in December 2016 What motivated you to start? Three things, Lael’s persistent reminder that CrossFit is fun and that I would enjoy it (he was right), my […]


Skill: Hand Stand Walk 10 Min EMOM EMOM: Handstand Walk 1 Platform Length 8 Rounds for Time: 10 Box Jumps 8 Toe to Bar 6 Ground to Overhead (175/125)  


Strength: 3 rounds A. Suitcase DB Step Ups x8-12 @30-40% B. Pull Up Negatives x 5   Met Con: 16 min AMRAP Sprint 100 Meters Walk 100 Meters 1 min rest 4 min Max Ab Mat Sit Ups


Skill: Double KB Clean, Squat and Press 3 rounds of: Light x5/Medium x 3/ Heavy x 1 *rest 1 min between each round 7 min amrap: 3 MU 8 Overhead Squats (105/75) 3 min rest 7 min AMRAP 3 MU 8 Front Rack Step Ups (105/75) (4@each side)  


Strength: 3 sets A. Bulgarian Split Squat(DB Suitcase hold) x8-12 reps each leg @ 35% 1RM B. Weighted Push Ups x 8-12 @ 35% 1RM Met Con: 18 Min AMRAP 10 Box Jumps 8 Snatch (135/95) 6 Decline Ring Row


Strength- Find 1 RM: Snatch   Met Con- 3 stations: 1 min work/:30s rest GHD sit ups x 3 rounds 1 min rest Squat Cleans x 3 rounds (185/135) 1 min rest 1 min row x 3 rounds  


Skill: Pistol/HSPU 16 Min EMOM: Odd Min: 4 Pistols each leg Even Min: 8 HSPU   MetCon- 25 min Time Cap: 8 Rounds for Time of: 15 Pull Ups 10 Front Rack Lunges (5 each leg) (135/95) 200 meter run

Announcement from CrossFit Tampa Bay

As many of you may have heard, there are some changes coming to the CFTB Family. After months of consideration, we would like to announce that Shaun and Kyle are transferring ownership of the gyms to a great team of new owners and coaches. This was no easy decision but we know the new owners […]

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