Q: Can I do CrossFit?

A: Yes, CrossFit is designed for all types of people from housewives to olympic athletes.  Although we say CrossFit is right for everyone, not everyone is right for CrossFit.  CrossFit is tough but it yields great results, you must be willing to work hard to get those results.  We don’t sell magic weight loss pills or gimmicky routines, we forge elite fitness. If thats your goal and your mindset is there then yes CrossFit is for you!

Q: How can I begin CrossFit?

A: Easiest way is to click above on our “Get Started” tab and go from there.  You will do a Free one on one Into “test drive” to see if you like it.  We will discuss your limitations and do a small medical background on you to make sure there are no major issues before starting.  We give you a free calendar week from the date of your test drive, so come in as much as you like and see if this is truly for you.  At CrossFIt Tampa Bay we say the hardest thing is walking through the doors for the first time and the second hardest thing is to come back.

Q: Do you offer nutritional help?

A: Simple YES

Q: How long till I can see results?

A: This depends on a few things.  First you have to stay consistent in your attendance, we recommend 3 days a week to start.  Second you need to evaluate your sleeping patterns, do you get more that 7hrs a night?  Next comes the nutrition, how was your eating patterns this week?  All of those are fixable here at CrossFit Tampa bay.  We have excellent trainers who are willing to answer your questions and sit down with you to help you complete your fitness goals!  We want you to sleep more, eat more often, and workout less! Makes no sense? IT WILL!

Q: How much does CrossFit cost?

A: It varies, we have discounts for police, fire, military, EMT, students and teachers.  Stop in the box take a look around and we will give you our pricing plans and options.

Q:  What if I can’t do the workouts you post?

A:  You can do any and all workouts we post.  CrossFit is unique that everyone can scale or modify the workout to their skill and ability.  We are apart of a family here and no one is left behind because of inability or skill level.  Coaches here are trained to show you what to do and how to modify if necessary.

Q: When should I start ?


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For Time: 30 Power Snatch 800 m run 60 Thrusters 800m run 30 Power Snatch Rx 75/ 55 Accessory: 4 rds not for time 15 Hollow rocks w/ 10lb plate :15 sec hollow hold rest 1 min

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4 rds 200 m run 15 Burpee BJ Overs 24/ 20 200 M Rest 2 mins Accessory 4 mins MAX Strict Pull ups

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21-15-9 Cal Bike KBS 53/35   rest 5 min   21-15-9 Cal Bike Goblet Squats 53/35   rest 5 min   Accessory: 5 RDS 10 Strict T2B rest 1 min between each round

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