Athlete of the Quarter – Bryam Garcia

Bryam Garcia


When did you start CrossFit? I started CrossFit in October of last year I believe.

What motivated you to start? I used to work second shift and would work out mid morning with lots of energy and then go to work. I changed shifts and kept going after work and it just wasn’t the same. I would go through the motions and eventually stopped working out on a consistent basis. I wanted to do something that was challenging and competitive and crossfit was a natural fit for everything I wanted to do.

Favorite WOD:  Don’t have a favorite WOD. Still learning them. Did Fran once during my beginning stage and I actually enjoyed it. Looking forward to do it again.

Favorite Olympic Lift: Snacthes and Cleans!

Goal(s) for the next few months: Get my engine up! Prepare well for the Tampa Bay games and enjoy the games with the team (Blood, Sweat, and Beards)

What helps you get through tough WODs? Talking to myself and keeping my mind positive. Mind is stronger than body.

Any advice for newbies? Commit to it. Trust the process. Have fun!


Athlete of the Quarter – Dana Leota


When did you start CrossFit? Feb 2017

What motivated you to start? I’ve been bellydancing for almost 9 years and I also do a lot of yoga so it’s not the type of fitness that I’m used to, but I was curious to try something completely different.

Favorite WOD:  Anything with the reps: 21-15-9. They seem less intimidating 🙂

Favorite Olympic Lift: Squat Cleans and Back Squats

Goal(s) for the next few months: To have great form on my cleans getting under the bar and not having “t rex” arms. One double under would be nice too.

What helps you get through tough WODs? When the coaches set the Pandora station on hip hop. Basically anything with bass tends to help me through a WOD.

Any advice for newbies? Enjoy being a beginner, don’t be in a hurry to add weight until you feel comfortable with the movement. Keep a record of what your PR’s are so you can see how you are progressing.