As many of you may have heard, there are some changes coming to the CFTB Family.

After months of consideration, we would like to announce that Shaun and Kyle are transferring ownership of the gyms to a great team of new owners and coaches. This was no easy decision but we know the new owners are up to the task.

The industry looked vastly different when we decided to open a CrossFit box 6 years ago. CrossFit was still an underground workout regimen where you could just open up a warehouse with weights and it was fantastic. We opened our first location with 4800sqft of space, NO AC, NO SHOWERS, ONE BATHROOM, and a lot of sweat. Fast-forward to today – we now have 2 locations totaling over 22,000sq ft., AIR CONDITIONING, SHOWERS, MULTIPLE BATHROOMS, Specialty Programs, traditional gym equipment and more. You can say we offer a lot more than “just CrossFit”.

2016 brought new challenges and changes to the CrossFit Tampa Bay family as we are again facing growing pains (which is a good thing!). We came to another crossroads as opportunities for more value-added programs at both locations, new equipment and more space began to develop. It became apparent that CFTB needed more of our time to truly grow into what it can be.


We (Shaun and Kyle) knew that we could never give up our careers as firefighters.Our passion has always been in public service and it has been increasingly difficult to juggle both endeavors. The time has come to take the next step in our careers in order to achieve our long-term goals. As a result, we sought out coaches we felt were pioneering leaders in the fitness and CrossFit community about taking the reins. After a long search and some massive amount of discussions we found the perfect fit!

We are proud to announce Pat Edwards and Matt Burns as the new owners and operators of our Largo Location, CrossFit Tampa Bay.

We are also proud to announce Michelle Richards as the new owner/operator at our South Tampa location, CrossFit Hyde Park.

These three were chosen because of their dedication to the community as well as the amount of time and effort they can inject into the boxes; which is what they need! The boxes are heading for the next chapter of their lives and its going full steam ahead! In a market where CrossFit boxes are either closing their doors or consolidating; CFTB has adapted, expanded, and EXCELLED!

We are more than confident to hand the keys over to the new owners and with the help of the CFTB family, we know that everyone will welcome them and usher CFTB into the next phase of its life! Please welcome Pat, Matt and Michelle as your new beacons of fitness in your journey to living happier, healthier lives!